Activities - the Best Things to Do in Croatia

Although it's a small country, there are many things to do in Croatia because of its rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas: mountains, plains, forests, rivers, lakes, sea and islands. This is an ideal setting for outdoor activities like rafting, canoeing / kayaking, sea kayaking, walking / hiking, cycling / biking, sailing and fishing.

If you are travelling through Croatia and wish to find out the best things to do in Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik regions and other destinations, check out the wide choice of activities that Huck Finn has to offer.

Rafting on una river

Rafting down Croatian rivers is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled interior of the country. The coastal rivers are flanked by green banks and karstic canyons, while lush forests and mountains border the interior rivers. The grade of difficulty for most rivers in Croatia is up to 3.

Canoeing Plitvice Lakes Area

Maybe you will come to Croatia seeking paradise, but as you kayak and canoe on travertine waterfalls interspersed with calm, crystal water, you'll find a whole lot more… These rivers flow between hills and forests in uninhabited areas. Green river banks, full of flowers, birds and curious little mammals await for you to discover them.

Sea Kayak Camping

The Adriatic sea is warm and clear, with clean water and insignificant tides. Strong currents are rare, big waves as well. Nasty winds are rare and predictable. With over a 1000 islands, sea kayaking in Croatia is fantastic.

Hiking Risnjak National Park

The diversity of landscapes makes Croatia a magnificent place for all hiking, walking and trekking enthousiasts. Conquer the most beautiful peaks and explore fascinating mountain ranges, canyons, forests and countryside paths. Hauntingly rugged beauty awaits, don't miss it.

Cycling in Croatia

A well-paced bike tour is a great way to experience Croatia much more closely than from a vehicle. Travel slowly and you will enjoy more. Explore nature parks, river valleys, forests and islands while feeling the smell of flowers, hearing the birds singing and tasting fruit that grows by the road.

Sailing Trough Dalmatia

Relax in the sun or get involved on a sailing catamaran as gentle winds take you among the wonderful Croatian islands, their peaceful and romantic beaches, caves, cliffs and blue sea. They are incredibly rich in natural and cultural heritage and provide excellent setting for various activities – sailing, kayaking, diving, hiking, biking.

Things to do in Zagreb

Rafting Dobra River Una River Mreznica River Kupa River Korana River -
Canoeing / Kayaking Mreznica River Kupa River - - - -
Walking / Hiking Plitvice Lakes - Medvednica Nature Park - - -
Cycling / Biking Risnjak National Park Plitvice Lakes Mreznica Country Maksimir Park - -

Things to do in Zadar

Rafting Zrmanja River Una River
Canoeing / Kayaking Zrmanja River -
Sea Kayaking Novigrad -
Walking / Hiking Paklenica NP -
Cycling / Biking Plitvice Lakes -

Things to do in Split

Rafting Cetina River

Things to do in Dubrovnik

Rafting - - - - - -
Canoeing / Kayaking Trebizat River - - - - -
Sea Kayaking Kolocep Island Lopud & Sipan Island Lokrum Island Zaton Bay - -
Walking / Hiking Lopud Island - - - - -
Cycling / Biking Sipan Island - - - - -
Sailing Half day sailing Sunset sailing - - - -

Things to do in Pula

Sea Kayaking Rovinj Islands - -
Cycling / Biking Groznjan – Motovun Risnjak National Park Rovinj and Lim Bay