Destinations in Croatia

Although it's a small country, there are many things to do in Croatia because of its rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas: mountains, plains, forests, rivers, lakes, sea and islands. This is an ideal setting for outdoor activities like rafting, canoeing / kayaking, sea kayaking, walking / hiking, cycling / biking and sailing.

Dubrovnik Croatia

Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Croatia, is one of world’s most beautiful old towns. Dubrovnik is and its surroundings are rich in history and natural variety - cliffs, caves, pine and palm trees, hidden coves, reefs, sandy beaches...

Kolocep island

Kolocep Island is well known in Croatia for its dramatic scenery with hidden dark caves, high cliffs and colorful reefs. Gornje Celo and Donje Celo are two well preserved romantic Mediterranean villages on Kolocep Island that are certainly worth a visit.

Korana village

Korana is a fairy tale village in Croatia at the doorstep of Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The peaceful atmosphere in Korana Village makes it an ideal base from which to explore the surrounding area.

Korcula island

Korcula Island in Croatia is a unique fusion of beautiful nature, thousands of years of culturaltradition, history and moderntourism. The town of Korcula is a masterpiece of Mediterranean urban architecture.

Krka river national park

Fantastic karst formations and travertine waterfalls of Krka River National Park will thrill you with their natural beauty, history and attractive swimming areas. The official entrance to the Krka River National Park is situated in Skradin, Croatia.

Lopud island

Lopud is a romantic small town on the island with sandy beaches, cultural attractions, parks and forests near Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is one of 13 Elafiti Islands and it takes less than 3 hours to walk around the whole Lopud Island.

Mljet island national park

The northern part of Mljet Island in Croatia is covered with a dense, green forest. Mljet also has two beautiful salt water lakes, intriguing underwater world and rich fauna and flora. „Time“ magazine places Mljet Island among 10 most beautiful islands in the World.


A small fishermen town in north Dalmatia, Croatia, situated in Novigrad Bay. The unique charm of Novigrad lies in calm atmosphere, old stone houses, pine forests and a breathtaking views of Velebit Mountain.

Paklenica national park

Paklenica National Park is the most famous hiking and rock climbing destination in Croatia. Don't miss out on exceptional diversity of geomorphologic phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature of Paklenica National Park.

Plitvice lakes national park

Plitvice Lakes is the premier National Park of Croatia. Its exquisite series of 16 emerald green and opal blue travertine lakes, more than 90 waterfalls and numerous caves make Plitvice Lakes a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Risnjak national park

Risnjak National Park is located in the most mountainous and heavily forested region of Croatia, close to the Adriatic Sea. Risnjak includes two mountain ranges and the source area of the Kupa River, which is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful places in the region.


Rovinj is one of the most romantic and picturesque old towns in Croatia, situated on the Istrian Peninsula. Rovinj is a masterpiece of urban art and architecture but its surroundings are nevetheless a masterpieces of nature.

sipan island

Sipan is the largest of Elaphiti Islands in Dubrovnik region, Croatia, that has preserved the real country life style, chapels, monasteries, palaces and summer houses of ancient Dubrovnik aristocracy. Sipan is unbelievably rich in natural and cultural heritage.


Skradin is a small picturesque town situated at the doorstep of Krka River National Park in Croatia. This magical place is where the river enters the Adriatic Sea. Skradin has a couple of family-run hotels, restaurants, pubs and wineries, a beach and a marina - all in friendly atmosphere.

The town of Ston

Ston is a little coastal town on Peljesac Peninsula, Croatia, whose history reaches back as far as the 14th century. Famous for its stone wall and narrow quiet streets, noble houses and traces of ancient cultures, Ston is an ideal place for a relaxing vacation filled with activity, nature and culture.

Zaton Bay

Just outside of Dubrovnik in Croatia lies Zaton, a 2 km long bay ideal for swimming on pebbly beaches or rocky crags, kayaking near cliffs and exploring the underwater world.  Zaton is recognized as a Dubrovnik summer manor region.

Zvecaj village

Zvecaj is a charming village near Zagreb, well known for the river Mreznica that flows through it.
Clear green water, unspoiled woods and magical landscapes make Zvecaj one of most desirable continental retreats in Croatia.

Zuljana bay

Situated on Peljesac Peninsula in Croatia, Zuljana is a picturesque bay perfect for swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. Don't miss out on hidden beaches, stunning nature, wine tasting and relaxing atmosphere of Zuljana.

Fishing in Croatia

Croatia is a land of fishing opportunities but fishermen are drawn to Croatia`s waters not only in search of the next big catch - they also come to admire, explore and enjoy the beauty of the unspoilt nature and rich Croatian culture, cuisine and wines.

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