My journey started in summer of 2016. Around April that year my mum told me about this famous pilgrimage and how people walk across Spain for one entire month, approximately 30 kilometers per day to reach Santiago. I didn’t really think about it that much at the time – the only thought I remember having is that people have crazy ideas, and this one was definitely one of those. I mean walking and walking for hours, what’s the point? As it happened, the following week I watched the movie “The way” and as cheesy as it was, I feel in love. During the following month my mum and I decided that we would go. We did our research (ok, mum did the research), bought gear (fast drying clothes, backpacks, sleeping bags, small towels, water bottles, plasters, medicine…) and plane tickets. FIRST DAY On July 22nd we landed in Barcelona, took

As we approach the green era; meaning that people are slowly becoming aware of the impact we have on the planet, we too have to realize the effect of the global trend that is traveling. In this post we are not going into depth of irresponsible traveling, but rather showing you ways of becoming a more conscious tourist. If you are interested in the topic, go back to our previous article ‘’Is tourist a dirty word?’’ before continuing with this one. This way you will get a better picture about the impact we make on our planet while traveling the world. LEARN ABOUT THE DESTINATION It is reasonable to expect that you are going to do at least a little bit of research before starting your journey. Guidebooks and rules should be something to go through with extra attention. Research all about the culture, the dos, don’ts, and any extra

Seems like the word tourism and sustainability do not go well together. But why not? In the last ten to twenty years something has seriously changed. Tourism became huge trend, and not just for the wealthy but for the people of all ages, backgrounds and income. Considering that now most people travel once or twice a year, it seems absolutely okay to pamper ourselves while on a vacation. But the problem is that we’re not just one person. Across the globe, nearly 1.3 billion people in total traveled in 2017. That’s nearly 1.3 billion people leaving a carbon footprint through the impact of their cruises, planes and other types of travel. 1.3 billion. MASS TOURISM When you think of an overcrowded touristy place, it already loses its spark. Imagine the most delicate beach with smooth, white sand, clear turquoise water, high palm trees and no other people in sight. Breathtaking,

On our many adventures through Croatia over the years, we’ve met some interesting local people with stories to tell. Their lives unfold in an old rustic house deep in the woods, up on a hill where the path is overgrown and barely visible, in a small village you won’t find on the map or next to a wild river. These places are mostly unknown and with a population so small that in some cases only one person resides in the entire village. They live quiet, modest and simple lives, similar to how people lived decades ago. Farming, gardening, fishing or taking care of their animals is usually what they do throughout the whole day. For some, their area is so empty of people that their only companion is a cow, a couple of cats or a few chickens. Although the only language they speak is Croatian, our foreign guests can

  Every few years in fitness, there are new inventions. Some last long while others (Ab Lounge anyone?) are shortlived. When it comes to SUP Yoga, it looks like it’s here to stay. So what exactly is SUP Yoga? Simply put, it is the art of performing yoga while standing and balancing on a paddleboard. The sport combines different yoga types such as Hatha or Vinyasa yoga and outdoors, usually in calm waters such as lakes. Yoga has its roots in India, while paddleboarding is believed to originate from Hawaii. The two combined became huge trend in America, and now you can easily spot it around Croatia too. If you are looking for a challenge and something new and fresh in general, we would be glad to give you some of the reasons we think SUP yoga is awesome. CORE STRENGTH Since the platform is unstable, you will have to

So you finally decided to pack your bags and embark on an unknown adventure through wilderness. There are some things you need to consider before you start packing. Doing your research and planning the itinerary is where you should start. The distance, weather, walking hours…. It would be great to consider getting into shape, and no, you do not have to be an Olympic triathlete to do a long distance hike – good health and moderate fitness and you’ll be just alright for hiking a few hundred miles. But then again, nothing will prepare you for hiking like hiking. PACK SMART Your backpack will differ very much depending on the weather you’ll be walking through. Winter gear, clothing in particular, can take up to double the space of summer gear in your backpack. So, first thing on your mind when packing should be: pack smart. And by that we mean