Adventure sailing Dubrovnik – Hvar
Adventure Sailing Dubrovnik Hvar

During ten years of running our Dubrovnik based Adventure Sailing holiday we have received numerous requests for a similar trip that would connect Dubrovnik and Split – two of the most popular towns on Croatian coast. The result is our new trip: let us take you on en route between famous Croatian old towns and architectural marvels – Dubrovnik and Hvar.

As we sail along the coast starting in stunningly intact walled city Dubrovnik we will get to explore the most beautiful side of Croatia. Intact nature free of crowds mixed with old town vibes full of life will make this sailing adventure once in a lifetime experience. Sea kayaking in Croatia

As we are leaving Dubrovnik behind we sail towards the Elaphiti islands, a small archipelago consisting of several islands and islets right before we reach Sipan, the farthest and largest of them all. We’ll be sleeping in romantic village Luka Sipanska where people still live in a way their ancestors did; early morning fishing and farming as their daily occupations. You’ll be amazed by the sparkling turquoise sea as if it was made of crystals, scented dark green pine woods and rich history of this beautiful island with many legends and myths to tell. Its verdant valleys and picturesque landscapes are rich in olive and fig trees, vineyards and citrus groves. In fact, Sipan holds a world record in the Guinness Book as the island with the greatest number of olive trees on such a small land. Today, olives and olive oils in particular are a very known symbol of Mediterranean.

Sailing along the coast on the calm sea will make you energized yet peaceful. As we approach Mljet island we’ll be able to see that this marvelous island is covered in pine trees as this land is the most forested in the Adriatic. National Park of Mljet has two lakes and its rich flora and fauna makes this island an mystic oasis. You will find a Benedictine monastery that is mostly Romanesque with the Church of Saint Mary situated on the Isle of Saint Mary. Beautiful mountain trails lead to magnificent sightseeing points that overlook the vivid richness of this island.


Korcula island is where we head next. Its dense dark green pine forests led the original Greek settlers to call Korcula Korkyra Melaina which translates to Black Island. We’ll cycle from Lombarda through the vivid history of the island where the very first Croats came from the fertile Neretva valley in the early 9th century. We’ll be able to witness the rich architecture mostly built in the golden period during 14th century and enjoy its treasures as we casually walk through its romantic streets carved from the stone. The town is called little Dubrovnik due to its resemblance of medieval squares, palaces and churches where we’ll feel as though we stepped in the tiny Roman empire. And it’s not just the architectural marvels that will leave us speechless – it’s the nature and its wonders as though an ancient Goddess created the paradise garden for herself. Deep blue coves, dark green trees, turquoise waters made of crystals and the endless burning sun will make you high on life and eager to stay here forever.
Just before the sun sets we sail towards Peljesac peninsula, today known as the Wine Empire. We’ll be sleeping on the yacht where we’ll witness to millions of stars.

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When the sun finally rises in the morning we sail out to Hvar, the longest and the sunniest Croatian island and well known among the tourists. We’ll be roaming through the white stoned renaissance streets and admiring marvelous architecture from Venetian period surrounded by romantic cafes and local restaurants. The lavender scent can be felt in the air spreading through the streets, as Hvar is famous for its rich Lavender fields. We’ll be surrounded by alive culture full of wine, local cuisine and friendly people, as Hvar’s atmosphere is truly contagious. We’ll have enough time to paddleboard along the coast and explore Pakleni islands. Its mysterious deep caves, impressive cliffs and turquoise blue sea are the living proof that paradise on Earth can indeed be found. After adventurous day we’ll be relaxing in a calm seaside restaurant where we’ll have a chance to taste traditional and local Croatian cuisine . Homemade wine will follow as our day comes to an end.

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Next morning, on our last day, another town is waiting for us. Stari Grad, one of the oldest towns in Europe is where we’ll spend our day. Before leaving for Split, make sure to explore magical Petar Hektorovic’s Tvrdalj, most famous building in the area with a crystal clear fish-pond in the middle. It was a lifetime work of this renaissance poet and a place where all divine creatures – birds, fish, people and plants had a space to live. White stoned narrow streets, picturesque Skor square, Stari Grad Museim and much more can all be found in such a small town. Get lost as you roam through the town’s aisles, small stone houses and admiring skalinde – stone terraces with staircase, all typical for Dalmatia.

Your paradise escape can indeed be found. As a leading adventure travel outfitter in Croatia we are proud to know every little corner, every stone, every hidden village, every mountain trail and all the most beautiful and oasis like places that we are so eager to show you.

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