People of Croatia
Croatian Local People

On our many adventures through Croatia over the years, we’ve met some interesting local people with stories to tell. Their lives unfold in an old rustic house deep in the woods, up on a hill where the path is overgrown and barely visible, in a small village you won’t find on the map or next to a wild river. These places are mostly unknown and with a population so small that in some cases only one person resides in the entire village. They live quiet, modest and simple lives, similar to how people lived decades ago. Farming, gardening, fishing or taking care of their animals is usually what they do throughout the whole day. For some, their area is so empty of people that their only companion is a cow, a couple of cats or a few chickens. Although the only language they speak is Croatian, our foreign guests can easily understand that they are very welcome on their land. Offering homemade jam and locally grown fruits, showing us inside their 100 year old houses and even preparing lunch for our guests is the living proof how kind Croatian people can be. This truly is a different experience that gives you real insight into the authentic and traditional Croatian lives. Here are some of the locals we snapped on our adventures.


Bobi and his mother welcoming us with prosciutto and cheese. Zrmanja river.
Bobo and his mother. He welcomes us with prosciutto and home made cheese every time we visit. Location: Zrmanja River


Granpda Ivek with his chickens. Dobra river.
Our dear Ivek and his chickens. Location: above the Dobra River


Local woman preparing lunch in her home. Dobra river.
Ivek’s mom preparing lunch.


Homegrown fruits and vegetables from Pelješac. Ston's walls.
Local woman selling homegrown fruits and vegetables from Peljesac. Location: Ston city walls


Early morning fishing in small village Soline, Mljet.
Grandpa and his granddaughter early in the morning after fishing. Location: small fishing village Soline, Mljet


Shepherd looking after his herd.
Shepherd looking after his herd. Location: Biokovo


Villagers with his donkeys. Paklenica, Velebit.
Villager and his donkeys bringing necessities towards his house on the steep slopes on Velebit. Location: Paklenica, Velebit


Fisherman. Kayaking. Lopud island.
A fisherman we met while kayaking around the island. Location: Lopud Island

We hope that you too will immerse into Croatian culture; our nature is beautiful, our food is delicious and our people are kind. And before you know it, you’ll be given kulen and wine, ’cause, you know, Croatians.

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