Typical Croatian souvenirs pt.2
Olive Oil Croatia

Now the fun part. When it comes to food, Croatians have A LOT to offer. You are not going to stay hungry, especially if you have the chance to eat at any Croatian grandma’s place (they are known to cook for a small army even if they have only two people coming to lunch). Here in Croatia, we still eat and prepare some meals the same way we did hundreds of years ago. Keep on reading, you can thank us later.


cheese from Pag island in Croatia
source: www.gligora.com from Pag island

Cheese lovers where you at? You can’t leave Croatia without trying our cheeses! Strong in smell, but tasty as hell, Croatian cheeses are something else. We can only guess all the secrets in the making – so far we know that they are dried in special conditions under the wind called Bura and that our farmers have fields where sheep can roam free. We suggest before buying to try one of these and pick the one you like the most; Paški sir, Trapist, Figurica, Dinarski and Paška skuta. Don’t be surprised, because the flavors are intense!


Croatian hot ajvar
source: www.grannyssecret.com

Ajvar is a typical Balkan condiment; either served as side dish or as bread spread. The main ingredients are bell peppers, garlic and eggplants. The original traditional taste is sweet, though picante ajvar is the most common one. Ljutica – the hottest one is only for the brave. Packaged in glass jars, ajvar is easy to tuck in your luggage and share with your loved ones back in your country.


Croatian olive oil
source: www.zvijezda.hr

As one of the essential ingredients in Croatian diet, especially through Mediterranean, olive oil is a great gift. Beside for cooking, olive oil could be used in cosmetic purposes as it is very healthy. Make sure to get extra virgin oil; cold pressed from local producers as this way you will get the highest quality product.


Franck coffee Jubilarna
source: www.franck.eu

Hey there coffee lovers! Meet Croatia’s favorite coffee for generations. Packaged in bright red color, Franck Jubilarna is the most famous one. Something Croatians would typically buy as a gift when visiting family or friends. As Croatia truly is coffee obsessed culture, getting one is of great importance when going back home. We believe there is nothing a good cup of coffee can’t fix.


Rakija souvenir from Croatia
source: www.kucavina-ivankatunar.com

Rakija is a strong-smelling alcoholic drink that comes in many flavors; usually made out of the herbs and fermented fruits. Homemade rakija can contain close to 50-60 % alcohol. But rakija is not only for celebrations, it also has medical purposes. Or at least that’s what we like to tell ourselves. For best Croatian rakija look for Lozovača, Travarica, Medica, Višnjevac…


Bajadera Kraš Croatia
source: www.kras.hr

We are going to finish of the list with the chocolate, of course. If you are looking for truly Croatian than opt for Kraš; Croatian industrial giant. Most famous one is Bajadera praline next to Dorina chocolate and Napolitanke wafers. Bajadera is creamy, chocolaty treat with scrumptious filling made out of nuts and cacao. Interesting fact is that the original recipe hasn’t changed since 1911. More than a hundred years of love means Bajadera should be definitely on top of your list!
p.s. Try not to eat it all by yourself.

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