Seems like the word tourism and sustainability do not go well together. But why not? In the last ten to twenty years something has seriously changed. Tourism became huge trend, and not just for the wealthy but for the people of all ages, backgrounds and income. Considering that now most people travel once or twice a year, it seems absolutely okay to pamper ourselves while on a vacation. But the problem is that we’re not just one person. Across the globe, nearly 1.3 billion people in total traveled in 2017. That’s nearly 1.3 billion people leaving a carbon footprint through the impact of their cruises, planes and other types of travel. 1.3 billion. MASS TOURISM When you think of an overcrowded touristy place, it already loses its spark. Imagine the most delicate beach with smooth, white sand, clear turquoise water, high palm trees and no other people in sight. Breathtaking,