We do believe that anyone traveling solo would love roaming through Croatia and all its wonders. Finding both chaos and peace in Croatian cities and nature paths, one will realize that there is so much more when it comes to traveling. Solo travel is not just an outward journey but rather the inward one as it is challenging and liberating at the same time. Please keep on reading if you want to discover why we believe Croatia is so welcoming to solo travelers.   LOCAL PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP Anyone who ever visited Croatia knows that Croatians are very welcoming people, in small and rural areas where mostly elders reside in particular. If you happen to find yourself alone on an unknown road looking for direction, it will be completely normal if local grandma runs up to you and starts yelling ‘’dite’’ (child) when she realizes you are lost. She’ll

So traveling solo, huh? Big step we must say. You most likely have millions of questions and thoughts going through your head. Where should I go and what should I do? Should I look for solitude and roam through the national parks? Or should I go straight into the touristy hot spots? Are crowded places safer than the ones less traveled to? Will I be endlessly bored? Who will I talk to? And most importantly: how do I stay safe? Traveling solo means doing things on your own terms. Feeling like gelato at 11pm? No one can stop you. Want to take a surf lessons for a whole week? Yes! You absolutely can. Ordering two kebabs in a suspicious street? No one to judge you. Visiting museums for a whole day, why yes, if that’s your thing. Staying in the hotel for a whole day and ordering nothing but pizza?