Sailing in Croatia
sailing in croatia

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Welcome aboard! Books could be (and have been) written about sailing in Croatia. Our coastline is truly best experienced by sailing so if you’ve been eyeing our short catamaran cruises, you’re in for a treat! These trips are super popular, but since they’re still fairly new in the travel world and not your typical week-long charters, our guests tend to have a few questions about them. Well, fret not! We’re here to give you all the answers you need. So, sit back, relax, and let’s dive into it!

Sailing 101

What is the best time for sailing in Croatia?

The best time for sailing in Croatia typically falls between May and September. During these months, the weather is warm and sunny, with calm seas and gentle winds, providing ideal conditions for sailing. Additionally, the sea temperature is comfortable for swimming and water activities. However, it’s worth noting that July and August tend to be the busiest months with more tourists and higher prices. If you prefer quieter sailing conditions and more affordable rates, May, June, and September are excellent choices.

What is the difference between standard and cabin charter? Will we be alone on the boat?

When chartering a boat, you pay for the vessel and cover fuel and marina fees as you go. Everything else can be added on – a skipper, crew, sports equipment and meals. Cabin charter is a type of sailing arrangement where individual travellers or small groups can book a cabin (or multiple cabins) on a shared sailing yacht or boat, rather than chartering the entire vessel themselves. In a cabin charter, guests share common areas such as the deck and salon with fellow passengers.

It is possible to book any number of cabins, including the entire boat. Solo travellers are welcome.

Are there any specific rules for behaviour on board/boat etiquette?

Since you are sharing the boat with other guests, be polite and kind, aware of others and their personal space.

Listen to the instructions of the crew. The skipper will give a safety talk before the trip.

Commonly, no shoes are worn on the boat. Barefoot or special boat shoes provide best grip, but flip flops and clean sneakers are acceptable if they are clean and only worn on the boat.

Guests are encouraged to dry off on deck after swimming because stepping inside will result in wet floors, and these are a serious safety hazard. Please do not lie on the furniture while wet or wearing sunblock.

Can I participate in sailing activities and learn more about it? Can I do the trip if I don’t have any sailing experience?

You don’t need any sailing experience, but if you are interested in learning, our experienced skippers will be happy to share their knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Do people often get seasick?

Even if you usually get seasick on the boats, that may not be the case as catamarans tend to be more stable. Furthermore, the Adriatic does not often get big waves so you may just be ok sailing in Croatia. You can also take medication (Dramamine) to prevent this condition and if you start feeling seasick, looking straight ahead at the horizon and fresh air can help. The crew will help you. Don’t forget to stay hydrated.

What happens if the weather is bad and we cannot sail?

In the unlikely event that we are unable to set sail due to adverse weather conditions, your guide will always look for alternatives such as cycling, hiking or something else that suits the group’s interests.

We prioritize the well-being of our guests above all else, implementing stringent measures to guarantee a secure and enjoyable journey every step of the way.

The practical stuff

What is served for breakfast?

We provide a traditional Croatian breakfast experience onboard the boat. To kick off your morning, we’ll serve coffee, tea, refreshing juice and cereal. Our spread features bread, cheese, cured meat, fruit, vegetables, milk, and yogurt. For guests with gluten allergies, we offer gluten-free bread and for vegetarians and pescatarians, we provide suitable alternatives to ensure everyone enjoys their meal. Just make sure to let us know in advance.

What do guests usually do for lunches and dinners?

Croatian Seafood Traditional

Another reason why Croatia is a top sailing destination are our exquisite restaurants that cater primarily to yachts. Excellent local and private restaurants will be available during lunchtime and dinner. They have received excellent feedback from previous guests for their value for money and we strongly recommend trying their specialties to all those interested in discovering authentic Croatian food. The skipper will be happy to make reservations and give suggestions. You are welcome to eat as a group or on your own if you prefer – in most places where we stop there is a choice of at least two restaurants.  

Are there drinks available on the boat and can we bring our own?

Croatia has great tap water and while the water from the tanks on our boats is potable, we recommend bringing a reusable water bottle and refilling it with tap water along the way. Guests are allowed to bring snacks, water, non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks on board, but please note that fridge space is limited. There will be shops available each day, so you will be able to restock during the trip.

How should I pack for the tour? Is there a limit for how much luggage we can bring?

Less is more. Once you book, you will receive a document with details about this trip including a packing list.

The cabin is small and narrow, with limited storage space and it would be the best to have cabin sized luggage or a soft duffle bag containing essential items. Additionally, don’t forget to pack something warm for the cooler evenings.

You can store extra luggage at the starting point in our office in Komolac for round trips. That said, we understand you are traveling longer than just the few days with us. We suggest packing your bags so that larger pieces can be stored away, and have smaller bags with the items you will need for the duration of the cruise.

During the trip

How many crew members are there?

There are two crew members on most of our trips – a skipper and a guide who will avoid overcrowded destinations ensuring you get the most authentic short cruise experience.

Do you have snorkelling gear on the boat?

We carry paddleboards (SUP), paddles), and snorkelling gear.

Our boats do not have fins or water shoes and you may consider bringing these as Croatia mostly has rocky beaches. The Adriatic also has a lot of sea urchins, but these are good news unless you step on one – sea urchins are a sign of clean sea.

Is fishing from the boat allowed?

You need a licence for finishing in Croatia. Fishing from the boat is not allowed.

What sort of safety and emergency equipment do you have on the boats while sailing?

We carry life jackets, fire extinguishers, emergency signaling devices, first aid kits, and safety rafts.

Do you have any recommendations for places to stay before and after the trip?

We recommend staying at the Vimbula hotel the night before the trip. The hotel is a walking distance from our base and starting point. If you are looking to extend your cruise, we offer several short experiences with great accommodations in the area.

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