Where to travel in Croatia in 2020

Feeling uncertain about traveling at this time is normal and you shouldn’t feel bad if you decide to stay home this summer. However if your mind and heart are set on traveling, here’s why Croatia should be on your list this year.

Flights are slowly being reinstated and reaching Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Dubrovnik is possible via major European airports. Those determined to come this summer will have the rare opportunity to visit famous, otherwise crowded landmarks in Croatia. If you ever wanted to visit Dubrovnik’s fortified City Walls with very few people around or walk the empty streets of Hvar’s old town, this is the year to do it. Empty beaches and uncrowded Plitvice Lakes? Yes, please!

Another reason to travel are lowered costs of pretty much everything. National parks, restaurants, accommodations and – yes – tour operators have lowered their prices in order to make travel more accessible in these uncertain times. (Remember to check out our deals page!)

Remain social, distance physically

Here at Huck Finn we tried to pinpoint how to make outdoor and adventure travel safe in 2020. Our vision – taking you off the beaten path and away from crowded spots – has now become more important than ever. Therefore, most of our itineraries are ideal if you want to enjoy Croatia and remain safe and distance from others.

We believe a memorable trip begins with small groups where individual attention is guaranteed. In light of current developments regarding Covid-19, we have decided to make the groups even smaller. We are limiting the number of guests to five per van in order to ensure physical distancing. Our maximum group size this year will be ten. In addition to that, all of our trips can now be private.

Croatia has always been a great nautical destination. There is truly no better way to discover our famously beautiful coastline, islands and beaches than by boat. So consider hopping on to one of our catamarans this summer – each boat has private rooms with en suite bathrooms and plenty (and we mean plenty!) of deckspace for everyone on board to find their own spot. Staying on a boat also offers flexibility to find the more secluded beaches swimming coves.

Is this a good time to travel?

After weighing your pros and cons, make sure to check up to date recommendations on travel to your destination of choice. You can find verified information regarding travel to Croatia here.

We hope to see you this summer!

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