Why Croatia should be your next solo travel destination
Solo Travel Croatia Plitvice

We do believe that anyone traveling solo would love roaming through Croatia and all its wonders. Finding both chaos and peace in Croatian cities and nature paths, one will realize that there is so much more when it comes to traveling. Solo travel is not just an outward journey but rather the inward one as it is challenging and liberating at the same time. Please keep on reading if you want to discover why we believe Croatia is so welcoming to solo travelers.


Anyone who ever visited Croatia knows that Croatians are very welcoming people, in small and rural areas where mostly elders reside in particular. If you happen to find yourself alone on an unknown road looking for direction, it will be completely normal if local grandma runs up to you and starts yelling ‘’dite’’ (child) when she realizes you are lost. She’ll try to explain in Croatian which way to go although you already said and signaled that you are foreign and therefore can not speak a word of Croatian. Nevertheless, she’ll be persistent and think if she yells louder that you’ll somehow understand. And then, miraculously you do. See? You understood Croatian all along. She’ll then stay on the road with her hands behind her back looking after you making sure you take the right turn.


Since Croatia is a fairly small country, it is really easy to get around. Almost everything is within walking distance and with plenty of local buses, trams, trains, ferries and boats. It is impossible to get lost as people are usually more than happy to help. You can easily spend a day going from one little town to another as it is all very well connected. It is easy to plan your custom trip and filling your itinerary won’t be a problem. With so many places and sights to see your schedule will be full, that’s for sure. Croatia has more than a thousand islands along the coast, all with special and a bit different way of life, about a million nature walks and who knows how many villages. With so many islands and places you could easily spend a whole month exploring and discovering every single corner of it, still not being able to see it all. Thankfully, old way of living is still present to this day in many parts of our country so you’ll get to experience the way of life that is hundreds and hundreds of years old.


Although, yes, Croatia is a small country, it offers so much to see. Plenty of villages, small and bigger cities, National Parks, lakes, long coast, islands, mountains, rivers and the sea. Diverse grounds of Croatia are perfect for different activities, from easy walk to cycling to whitewater kayaking. Trying different options and joining different groups is a great way to find yourself a likeminded individual to continue the trip with. If you prefer nice and quiet places and slow pace, you will easily find yourself easygoing activities to fulfill your day. Maybe you are into wild rivers and rock climbing – finding adventurous groups won’t be a problem either. There are also plenty of organized events and festivals throughout the year. People from different sides of the world come together to enjoy not just Croatian nature and culture, but its music and food. Whatever your goal is while in Croatia, with so much varieties your days will be adventurous and fulfilled.


If you are traveling solo and are planning to visit Croatia, you have come to the right place. We always give our best to match likeminded people on our trips and show you parts of Croatia that can’t even be found on the map. We go deeper into the hidden bays and villages, explore local life and help small communities along the way. Solo travelers are usually the ones looking for more out of their trips, not just visiting the main tourist destinations and spending their day in a hotel resort. They are after exploring local life, trying traditional cuisine, seeing intact nature, hidden bays and smaller parts free of mass tourism. Finding likeminded people is not always that easy. Luckily, people on our trips are usually conscious and adventurous spirit and probably a lot like you. If solo travel and exploring all the beauties Croatia can offer excites you then what are you waiting for? Start planning. 🙂

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