Zagreb, a dynamic blend of history, culture and modernity offers a wide range of experiences for every type of traveler. Get ready to discover the vibrant and captivating capital city of Croatia in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. Embark on guided tours that will lead you through Zagreb’s historic neighborhood, iconic landmarks and hidden gems. Walk along cobblestone streets lined with buildings, explore bustling markets and immerse yourself in the city’s atmosphere. Uncover Zagreb’s fascinating history as you visit historic sites, impressive museums and architectural wonders that tell the story of its past. From Zagreb, you can visit various adventure destinations such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park or you can try river kayaking on the Mreznica River. Join us to explore the hidden corners, vibrant streets and captivating stories that make Zagreb a truly unforgettable destination.

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Mreznica River Kayaking (Rafting)

Rafting or kayaking down lower section of Mreznica river is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled interior of the country. Relax among green forest, blue sky and emerald green water of one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia.

Mreznica Kayaking Croatia

Mrežnica River Kayaking in Croatia

Kayak down upper section of Mreznica Canyon where the sun enters for only a few hours each day, around noon, creating spectacular light effects. Paddle past cliffs of carved white rocks, lush vegetation and cascading waterfalls and enjoy on of one of the most beautiful rivers in Croatia.

Mreznica River Kayaking

River Adventure in Croatia Experienced on Foot, SUP and by Bike

An active trip in the greenest areas of Croatia, with clear rivers and deep forests to be discovered by kayak, bicycle or raft, swimming or walking. Stay in a small, family-owned hotel by the river Mreznica in Zvecaj. Continental Croatia, one hour drive from Zagreb.

Zrmanja Kayaking Croatia

Zagreb, Split and Plitvice Lakes Holiday in Croatia

Multi activity adventure holiday in Croatia combining popular destinations with less known areas where you can relax an unwind after a busy day.

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Croatia Walking Break

This scenic walking tour will take you to Croatia’s inland mountain region through Risnjak and Northern Velebit National Park with optional Plitvice Lakes National Park trip.

Cycling Korana Croatia

Croatia Multisport Explorer

Croatia is a melting pot of history and culture; a dreamy blend of heritage, cuisine and tradition that can be seen in its architecture and lifestyle. Our trip takes us through the best of this Mediterranean treasure in an action-packed, adventure-filled itinerary unlike any other.