During ten years of running our Dubrovnik based Adventure Sailing holiday we have received numerous requests for a similar trip that would connect Dubrovnik and Split – two of the most popular towns on Croatian coast. The result is our new trip: let us take you on en route between famous Croatian old towns and architectural marvels – Dubrovnik and Hvar. As we sail along the coast starting in stunningly intact walled city Dubrovnik we will get to explore the most beautiful side of Croatia. Intact nature free of crowds mixed with old town vibes full of life will make this sailing adventure once in a lifetime experience.  As we are leaving Dubrovnik behind we sail towards the Elaphiti islands, a small archipelago consisting of several islands and islets right before we reach Sipan, the farthest and largest of them all. We’ll be sleeping in romantic village Luka Sipanska where

Now the fun part. When it comes to food, Croatians have A LOT to offer. You are not going to stay hungry, especially if you have the chance to eat at any Croatian grandma’s place (they are known to cook for a small army even if they have only two people coming to lunch). Here in Croatia, we still eat and prepare some meals the same way we did hundreds of years ago. Keep on reading, you can thank us later. CHEESE Cheese lovers where you at? You can’t leave Croatia without trying our cheeses! Strong in smell, but tasty as hell, Croatian cheeses are something else. We can only guess all the secrets in the making – so far we know that they are dried in special conditions under the wind called Bura and that our farmers have fields where sheep can roam free. We suggest before buying to

Local, handmade and traditional could possibly be some of our favorite words. The same goes when describing the souvenirs we recommend buying. We believe that choosing the right item is the best way to take with you the piece of place you are visiting. In this case – Croatia. When you know what to look for, choosing the right souvenir isn’t that hard. We’d love to help you picking the little treasures as they serve either as memories or as gifts. The following items are both local and traditional. LICITAR If you know a little bit about Croatia, you’ll know about Licitar hearts too. Little heart shaped biscuits are well known Croatian symbol of love originally gifted at ceremonies of love. Licitars are made out of sweet honey dough, painted in red and then precisely and intricately decorated. They are part of Croatian cultural heritage and something visitors like to

On our many adventures through Croatia over the years, we’ve met some interesting local people with stories to tell. Their lives unfold in an old rustic house deep in the woods, up on a hill where the path is overgrown and barely visible, in a small village you won’t find on the map or next to a wild river. These places are mostly unknown and with a population so small that in some cases only one person resides in the entire village. They live quiet, modest and simple lives, similar to how people lived decades ago. Farming, gardening, fishing or taking care of their animals is usually what they do throughout the whole day. For some, their area is so empty of people that their only companion is a cow, a couple of cats or a few chickens. Although the only language they speak is Croatian, our foreign guests can