Traveling solo as a woman
Traveling solo as a woman

Hey there, fierce lady! Do you have that urge, a voice deep inside that is calling your name? That restless feeling that you probably tried to ignore as you go on with you ‘’normal’’ daily life. But what is normal? And are you really expected to just pay your bills, take care of others and then die?

How many women in your life do you know that traveled solo? Exactly. Maybe one. Probably none.  Traveling on your own, having no one to protect you and being exposed to the unknown is a bit scary, yes. But as soon as you realize that you are the one that has to protect herself instead of relying on others and be absolutely open to the unknown, things start to change. We are not here to give you another safety talk. We wrote about it a lot before and if safety is your concern please head to our blog post Travel light, be safe. Then come back.

Instead, we are here to tell you all the wonders you are going to experience, how one can change and how easily it is to shift your perspective and see things from a different angle.


Traveling on your own gives you this absolute freedom and not a single trait of compromise. When was the last time you did things the way YOU wanted them? Seriously? Spending the whole day, whole week being unapologetically yourself and doing things on your own terms, going whenever and wherever you want, taking a break when YOU need it. Well, ladies, it might not seem that obvious at first but we spend most of our lives compromising. Compromising our time, our health and everything in between. It’s time to break free. Even for a few days. You owe yourself that much at least.


You are capable and you slowly start to realize that. Even if you rely on others a lot, being alone in another country or even another continent (you go girl!) makes you force yourself to find solutions and be absolutely productive. You meet yourself on a whole other level, because well, you are the only one you’ll be spending your time with. It’s a great reflection of your fears, your likes and dislikes. Fully devoting to your journey gives you that essential insight into who you are as a person. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, as one wise Greek philosopher said.


Beside self reflection, being alone gives you plenty of time to analyze things in your life. Why do you do certain things that you absolutely hate or why don’t you start doing things you always wanted to do, even since you were a little girl writing your dreams in a glittery diary. It makes you contemplate many aspects of your life. Decisions that were so hard to make and answers you were looking for, all of a sudden seem obvious, as if they were right in front of you all this time. When we leave that safe comfort zone, that bubble we created in our ‘’normal’’ life, we are finally able to see things from a different perspective. Freeing your mind and being able to look deep inside often makes us wonder; that thing I was stressing about? What was it?


Though solo travel sounds kinda lonely, and it is at times, yes, it also means new opportunities. Like minded people are really rare as we are all different in some ways. But if you get the chance to meet another solo traveler it is very likely that you two will share a lot in common. You both probably wanted to escape routine, break free from the norm, try something new and face your fears. Oh all the deep conversions you will have. No more ‘’the weather is nice today’’ or ‘’I can’t wait for the weekend to come’’. But rather ‘’How’s life in Brazil?’’, ‘’what is food like in Nepal?’’, ‘’what does it feel like to walk barefoot through the Bali rice fields?’’… People are gold and every spontaneous encounter is here to teach you something new.


We understand that couch is safe and comfortable but if you really want to start living you need to get up and take that big leap. Escape the ordinary and face your fears. Because they will disappear, we promise. Not only will you come back as a new person with a clear mind and fresh perspective, but you will bring so many beautiful memories that you will cherish forever. As cheesy as it sounds beautiful moments create this life. If you could make them adventurous, spontaneous and a bit crazy why wouldn’t you?

‘’I am a woman, hear me roar!’’

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Lea Androić
Lea has a degree in Finance, but her real passion is traveling. At the age of 18 she packed her bags and moved all the way to San Francisco. Since then, she has also lived in Canada before finally returning back to Croatia. Travelling became huge part in her life and her latest accomplishment was walking Camino de Santiago trail in Spain. After discovering her love and interest for social media, photography and blogging, she decided to combine her passions and is now in charge of our blog and social media. When not working or traveling, Lea enjoys vegan baking and editing videos for Youtube.