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Travel Safety Tips

Being spontaneous and even reckless sometimes is thrilling and exciting, but the fun part could easily go away if you get caught up in unenviable situation while on a vacation. Losing documents or getting food poisoning could happen, too. We really hope it won’t though. But the reality is: trouble could happen and you better be prepared.


It would be silly to talk about travel safety while not having even basic travel insurance. In case you get hurt and need emergency help in the local hospital, lose your camera or have your flight canceled having travel insurance helps A LOT! All you need to do is contact your travel insurance company and let them solve your problem for you; saving you time and money.


We already mentioned the importance of destination research when it comes to responsible traveling in our blog post ‘’5 Ways to be a More Sustainable Traveler’’. The same goes with safety. There could be things that are considered absolutely normal in your country while in other it could be terribly rude and offensive. The last thing you want is to offend somebody and end up fighting over something you could’ve just learn not to do, wear or say.


When using public transport it is really important to be aware of your belongings and keep them close to you. Make sure to carry your values in your hand luggage rather than the big suitcase you’ll have to leave unattended. Riding all alone at 3am in the metro is not the best decision as we know that crime rates are higher during the night. But sometimes, you don’t really have a choice. Keep your eyes wide open and don’t lose the sight of your belongings.


It is absolutely okay to get loose while on a vacation, but try not to go overboard. Clubbing safety is of great importance when ordering drinks so make sure your drink is opened by your bartender and right in front of you. And not just that, when you drink you may become an easy target for muggers or worse so stay safe and stay sober.


Walking around small traditional villages with few local elders in a bikini is not the smartest decision. Nor the most polite one. In the eyes of the locals, entering an old cathedral in transparent clothes is quite rude. Dress accordingly respecting the culture and the people.


Blending in is of great importance when it comes to small street crimes as well. Nothing says “mug me now” more than Birkenstocks and huge camera around your neck. Holding a map in your hands while walking around like you don’t even know what planet you are on is a clear sign of vulnerability. This way you became an easy target for the pickpocketing. So dress accordingly and act like you know where you’re going.


Make sure to print all your documents and save them in your email or iCloud where you can easily reach it as long as there is internet connection. Let’s say you lose your passport which is basically every traveler’s nightmare. Having a copy of it will be so much faster and will most definitely ease the process of getting a new one at the embassy.


Least chance possible of getting your technology stolen is if you are not caring it at all. Keep your electronics to a minimum because honestly; you don’t really need all these cameras, laptop and iPad. It’s a vacation, not a work station!


Maybe the most innovative product lately when it comes to traveling is money belt bag. If you don’t know what it looks like, Google it right now! You can keep all your small valuables around your waist. Even better; tuck the bag under the shirt since the bag is really thin. Your most important documents like ID, passport, cards or even phone can fit inside, are easily reachable and unlikely to get lost.


Before even coming to your destination make sure to write down all the important numbers or even better; memorize them! You never know when you could need the help of the police, firefighters or emergency. We hope you won’t, but just in case!


This is no brainer, obviously. We all heard the horror stories that started with some happy travelers happily deciding to hitch hike. And we sure know how it ended. Seriously though, hitch hiking could be very dangerous. Not to be paranoid or anything but going into someone’s car or a truck is the easiest way for the things to end up badly and go out of control. On the other hand, yes, it could be a lovely and authentic experience. But still, we wouldn’t take our chances.


Walking at 4am in a foreign city is yet another unwise decision and a recipe for disaster. Always look for a cab, Uber or any other alternative rather than walking in the middle of the night through the streets you don’t know anything about. Suspicious neighborhood is not the best place for a lost tourist.


Let’s say you are in Thailand surrounded by the goofy monkeys or in India surrounded by the puppies and cats. We understand they are cute but be careful if petting them since stray animals are known to carry different diseases. If you see an unattended or hurt animal make sure to call local animal rescue centers and see what they can do.


It’s important that you have someone who always knows your approximate location. Give them the address of your hotel, your agency contact (if you have one) or a phone number of your airbnb host. It’s absolutely okay to be relaxed and disconnected when on a vacation, but try not to go too much under the radar.


Lastly, trust your gut. We all know the feeling of suspecting something is not right even when we can’t tell exactly what it is. It’s okay to listen that voice and get out of the situation. Most of the time, we realize that this feeling was here to help.

We don’t want to make you paranoid. These are just precautious and ‘good to know’ measures that could make your life easier if you find yourself in a situation no one would enjoy dealing with. In the end we travel to have fun and experience the unknown. So be careful and be smart.



Traveling in the small group of 10 people with a local guide always there for you is a perfect mix of safety and adventure. Experiencing small villages, intact paradise islands and scenic landscapes far away from the city buzz could possibly be the best way to see the most while caring less. We do our best to minimize the risks above, allowing you to fully immerse into new experiences and enjoy the benefit to the local community.

‘’I want to see the world. Follow a map to its edges. And keep going. Forget the plans, trust my instincts. Let curiosity be my guide. I want to sleep under unfamiliar stars and let the journey unfold before me.’’ -unknown

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